Shamma Capital

Rating: 50%
One of the foremost diversified business houses in the region.
Address Details:
Office: 504
Floor: 5
Building: Colver Bay Tower
Area: Business Bay
Emirate: Dubai
P.O. Box:
Phone: 97144518999
Fax: 97144518889
Main Activities
  • Holding Company

Company Profile

Since its foundation in 2008, Shamma Group has evolved to become one of the foremost diversified business houses in the region. An achievement ensuing from our avant-garde entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to build sustainable businesses in all our sectors, to ensure high proficiency of our employees, and to sustain a high sense of social responsibility with a profound awareness and sensitivity of cultural nuances in diverse operating environments. Shamma Group has a strong track record in providing an effective operational structure as to ensure that all business endeavors are executed to the very optimum in all aspects. Focusing on back-of-house operations, we implement the entire spectrum of the business cycle, ranging from cost control, strategic partnership, financial control, human resource management, and recruitment to marketing, procurement, stock management as well as storage, quality control, and maintenance. Equipped with a complete range of skills and experience in the operation modes of the regional market, as well as proficiency honed at leading international enterprises, our strength lies in business development. Instead of ephemeral get-rich-quick schemes, we believe that building long-term value is the only sustainable way to succeed in steadily growing an organization in the long run. To achieve this success in all our business development efforts, we adeptly engineer the interactions of customers, markets, and relationships for a company. Researching innovative and creative ways to enhance the business and to always stay one step ahead of competitors as well as expanding the range of services and identifying market opportunities to reach new customers are pivotal tools to unfolding such long-term value. Equally, our successful approach relies on strong and viable relationships with a wide array of key stakeholders as well as employees and customers that are anchored in mutual respect and trust.